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Why choose a new bathroom?

More and more, the bathroom is becoming a space for reflection, wellness, and contemplation.
In years gone by, the bathroom was the most functional room of the house, with limited time and
facilities available to people who were rushing around with their busy lives.

Recently, people have been spending more days at home, and are now making sure they take
time out for themselves and priorities have shifted.

And with that, new and exciting bathroom innovations are constantly entering the market to
cater for people who not only want a stylish, functional bathroom, but want a space where they
can have a reset from the comings and goings around them.
In previous times, the bathroom would have consisted of a bath and/or a shower, a toilet and a

Storage solutions would have been a cheap metal tripod that would house a million shower
gels, shampoos and other bottles that would constantly be falling from the shelving.
The main choices people had to make was whether they wanted a white set, or did they want a
slightly more daring champagne colour.

Depending on how far you go back, pink, brown or even avocado colours were offered as a
choice by the bathroom supplier.

Now, the options never end.

If you want functionality, the standard shower, basin and toilet will of course still be there for a
five minute rush out the door. But these can also be given the advantage of steam free mirrors
and integrated devices, which will help you speed your way out of the door.
If you are a soaker, spa baths are the perfect accompaniment to a glass of wine and some
scented candles. (And maybe a few chocolates !)

And if you like a scroll in the bath, connectivity options can make sure your wifi is as strong in
the bathroom as it is in the living room.

But it doesn’t end there, programmable mood lighting can be adjusted to your desired setting,
and as well as the most relaxing tunes on your playlists being streamed through the Bluetooth
speakers, you really can unwind.

People really are taking their own mental health seriously now, and the bathroom is the one
room in the house where you can truly be alone with your thoughts and clear your mind and
your body.

Storage options are a fantastic new addition to the latest designs of quality bathrooms.
Drawer units, storage cupboards and shelving, can all be designed into the room to ensure the
streamlined look of the room.

With underfloor heating, designer radiators and some beautiful mirrors, the bathroom really can
be a work of art within your house.

A new bathroom not only benefits you, but if you ever decide to put your property on the market,
it is one of the key decision drivers for purchasers when they are working out their budgets.
Get in touch with Wilson Bathroom Company today and present us your blank canvas, and then
let us design you a masterpiece !